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Happy Jan. 2! Science Fiction Day & "Run It Up the Flag & See If Anyone Salutes It" Day

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Today is Science Fiction Day & "Run It Up the Flag & See If Anyone Salutes It" Day. Look at what I made to celebrate it! Check out the individual posts. :) This is the first celebration of weird & wacky holidays. Weird & wacky holidays can help you when you're stuck & don't know what to post (link).



What is Science Fiction Day?

"Science fiction fans around the world celebrate January 2 as Science Fiction Day. It celebrates science fiction writer Isaac Asimov's official birthday."


I made 2 types of alien cupcakes: one is an alien (from Coffee with the moms YouTube channel) & the other is an alien in a spaceship/UFO (from yoyomax12 - the diet free zone YouTube channel).



I just made 1 batch of frosting for both kinds of cupcakes to be more efficient as I will write about it in a future post about how I created content for 5 projects/posts in ~2 hours (Stay tuned!). Anyways, in the videos, the frosting color was essentially the same actually. :)

What is "Run It Up the Flag & See If Anyone Salutes It" Day?

I didn't know at first either. Then when I read this on timeanddate.com I remembered I had heard it before. I like idioms and looking up their origins. This is a fun one as it encourages people to come up with ideas, be creative and to just try it. [Side note: One of my favorites is "pig in a poke" / "let the cat out of the bag". It dates back to 1555! Pigs used to be sold in burlap sacks and you couldn't see inside. Some sneaky sellers would put a cat in there because it was cheaper & the buyer would pay for a pig & not get the pig they wanted. If the cat stuck its head out before the buyer paid for it, then they would know it was a cat & not a pig and not buy it. Haha!]


"Run It Up the Flag & See If Anyone Salutes It"

"The name of the holiday comes from the English language expression, run it up a flagpole and see if anyone salutes it, which means putting new ideas and ventures to test and to see if they gain acceptance and popularity, just like a flag would have respect by people saluting it.

Advertising Term

It is commonly used in advertising and is a popular phrase in the U.S.. The day encourages people to be creative and to implement their ideas.


I made an American flag in honor of it. See post & So Yummy video below for more details.


American Flag Cake Reveal on YouTube :)


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