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Happy Jan. 19! Popcorn Day!

Popcorn is a tasty and healthy snack all-year round, but Jan. 19 is dedicated to it! To celebrate, I attempted to make a bowl out of popcorn & chocolate, made a seasoned savory popcorn, and I also made popcorn shrimp. Popcorn shrimp aren't really made of popcorn, but they kind of look like popcorn. :)

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For another popcorn snack/appetizer, check out my "Cream Cheese Popcorn Balls":


What is Popcorn Day?

"The origins of this holiday are unknown. We have not found any information or documentation to confirm this is a true "National" day. But, don't let that  pop (burst) your bubble, err pop your corn that is. It's a day to celebrate healthy (until you load it with salt and butter), and addicting popcorn.

Strangely, National Popcorn Day is in January, yet National Popcorn Month is October.

According to tradition, it is celebrated on January 19th each year. There is some suggestion that Popcorn Day may, at one point, have been tied to the Superbowl. And, we found one reference to it being on January 30th."


Bowl Made of Popcorn & Chocolate from Scrumdiddlyumptious on YouTube

Parmesan & Chipotle Popcorn from Ina Garten on the Food Network

It is not evident from this photo that the popcorn is seasoned (haha), but it is. I made a few tweaks & used what I had in my place. It's fast & easy.


Popcorn Shrimp from Roxy Chow Down on YouTube

They were good and easy to make. She has a really good trick for breading the shrimp w/ less mess.

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