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Ham, Brie, & Spinach Flatbread / Cold Cuts Day

This is a trick that I like to do with ham, which actually warms and crisps it up, so is it still a cold cut still? I think it is. Haha! :)

I decided to post this for #ColdCutsDay! Of course, you can go the sandwich route too. I just made this into a flatbread to mix it up.


What I used:

- Land O' Frost Ham

- Brie

- Wewalka Pizza Crust (Bistro style, thin)

- Frozen Spinach

I put the pizza crust in to bake with some brie on it, so it could get melt-y.

Then I crisped up the ham in a pan on medium with a little oil; this caramelizes it and makes it taste like pancetta or bacon! It takes 2-3 min. and adds a lot of flavor and texture! Then I tore it into pieces and put it on top of the pizza. I also microwaved a little frozen spinach and put it on top as well.

Here is the finished product! It takes 10 min. The Wewalka has a nice thin cracker crust too.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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