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Ham, Blue Cheese, Spinach Pasta with Tomato Sauce / Leftover Ham Series #5

Blue cheese with tomato? Hmm, that sounds interesting. The original recipe has pancetta in it, but I've been doing a Leftover Ham series. The original recipe also has Gorgonzola; if you haven't had either -- gorgonzola or blue cheese -- they are both funky and creamy cheese, which taste different, but have a different type of funkiness. Other substitutions are that I didn't have cavatappi or tomatoes; I used angel hair and tomato sauce.


What I used:

- Capellini

- Prego Tomato sauce

- Minced garlic

- Spinach (fresh)

- Ham

- Blue cheese

- Goat Cheese (I added this one in to the recipe)

I actually made this twice already. I used frozen spinach one time and fresh spinach another time. The phot in the thumbnail above and the big photo below is from using fresh spinach.

I cut the ham into small chunks (1 or 2 cm) Then I browned them or rendered the fat out of them in a little bit of oil on medium/medium-high. I washed the spinach and added it in. Then I added some minced garlic and tomato sauce and let it simmer together.

Once the pasta was done (using the Teapot method), I took it out and plated it. I put some sauce on there and then I added the cheeses: blue cheese and goat cheese.

Ta da! Tomato and blue cheese was an unexpected flavor combo for me, but really tasty! It goes nice with the sweetness of the ham and bitterness of spinach.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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