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Gummies and Beauty in Nature -- Very Tiny and Very Big

Second subtitle: Beauty in Nature can be Dangerous! For this week's Gummies I used a photo I found on rawpixel.com from the CDC as a basis and created this photocollage!

It is an extreme close-up electron microscope image of respiratory coronavirus attacking a cell. It is a pretty picture with these red-oranges and the yellow respiratory coronavirus.

When I saw it, the orange-red reminded of the surface of a planet that I had seen before, like Venus. rawpixel also had photos from NASA. Here is one for comparison. Weird how something so tiny (the cell) could look similar to something so big (a planet)!

I created the photocollage using the gogobox app. I took photos of the gummies bear separately. Then I cropped the photos to only have the Gummie. I resized and moved the Gummies around to look like they were walking on the cell. :)

Stay vigilant and safe, everyone!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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