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Gummie Bears, Mondrian & Social Distancing

In some of the comments on my first Gummie piece were about whether or not there were squares drawn or not. I said I would make a Gummie piece with perfect squares and here it is!

This is the first one I did:



I used the gogobox app to create this piece. First, I used a picture of a grid I found on Google to make sure they were perfect squares! Haha! :)

Then I took a photo of gummie bears on a white piece of paper.

Using the gogobox app, I was able to make a photo collage / mixed media piece. I was able to add photos of Gummie bears and crop out the extra white space and move them around.

The grid inspired me to make Mondrian-inspired piece. See info on Mondrian below. I have also made Mondrian puzzle cookies -- at the bottom of the post.

I also used the gogobox app to make shapes and move them around. I was also able to add text (6 ft.) to the photo (& move it around / change size). [Side note: All of these Gummie Bears are definitely safe -- more than 6 feet apart. One square is 6 ft. :) ]

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!


Mondrian Puzzle Cookie and some info on Piet Mondrian


Piet Mondrian & “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow”

I decided to do Piet Mondrian's “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow”. The seemingly simple arrangement of lines and shapes in primary colors and black & white are more than meets the eye and have had a lasting impact on modern art and architecture. You gotta read between the lines or as they write on Ideelart, you gotta "read the lines". :)

"Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter and theoretician as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.[5][6] He is known for being one of the pioneers of 20th century abstract art, as he changed his artistic direction from figurative painting to an increasingly abstract style, until he reached a point where his artistic vocabulary was reduced to simple geometric elements." https://en.https://en.https://en.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piet_Mondrian

The websites "Smart History" and "IDEELART" have good articles about this painting and other works art, check them out.

From Smart History: "One would hardly suspect that we are seeing the artist’s determination to depict the underlying structure of reality."


"In the case of “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow” it is the lines themselves that carry a hidden message. It is well known that Mondrian sought balance in his work. He wrote extensively about compositional harmony as a reaction against chaos. He achieved that sense of harmony by relentlessly seeking balance between the plastic elements of his pictures. The placement of colors, the size of the shapes, and the qualities of the surfaces played off of each other in ways that either left him feeling off-balance or in balance. The quest was always to discover the perfect point at which a composition achieved a sort of stillness."



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