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Gummie Bears & Honeycombs / Make Your Own Honeycomb at Home!

On my first Gummie piece with the Pythagorean theorem, in the comments it was mentioned that honeycomb was a more efficient shape. There are lots of definitions of efficiency, but hexagons are an interesting shape, so I put it on my list as a future inspiration.

You can also make your own honeycomb at home! Toffee candy in the shape of a honeycomb -- there are many versions in the US and internationally. Check out this excellent post from Eat Dessert First Greece.



The most interesting honeycomb shape is obviously -- a real honeycomb. It is quite amazing how geometric and similar the hexagons in a honeycomb.

Here are some fun facts about honeycombs and cool photos of honeycombs with bees.

"The axes of honeycomb cells are always quasihorizontal, and the nonangled rows of honeycomb cells are always horizontally (not vertically) aligned.

First, the hexagonal tiling creates a partition with equal-sized cells, while minimizing the total perimeter of the cells. Known in geometry as the honeycomb conjecture, this was given by Jan Brożek and proved much later by Thomas Hales. Thus, a hexagonal structure uses the least material to create a lattice of cells within a given volume. A second reason, given by D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, is that the shape simply results from the process of individual bees putting cells together: somewhat analogous to the boundary shapes created in a field of soap bubbles."



How I Did It:

I used a photo from Unsplash from @dotnny and actually an old photo I had taken of the Gummie Bears back for the Mondrian Gummies.

I created the collage by adding in the Gummies to the background photo of Hexagons using the gogobox app -- "Content Creation & Classification" feature.

I used "Upload from Device" button to get the Hexagon photo and then I pressed on Image to add in the Gummies.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Links to Pythagorean Theorem & Mondrian Gummie below.





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