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Gummie Bears for Earth Day

I found this timely illustration of Earth in the shape of a virus on Pixabay from Miroslava Chrienova (royalty-free). I decided to use it for my weekly Gummie piece and it fit with Earth Day. :)

My plan was to add the Gummies to the Earth / virus illustration to show them all working together.

I used the gogobox app to make the digital piece.

I saved the original illustration to my camera roll.

I took multiple photos of the Gummies against a navy blue background to try to match the background.

I used the Content Creation & Classification feature / Upload from Device

to upload the illustration and use it as the canvas.

Then I added the multiple images of the Gummies to the illustration. I cropped the photos of the Gummies, re-sized them, moved them and rotated them into place. I added some text, which I re-sized and changed colors.

It was really fast and fun. Give it a try! We are good at this!

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