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Gravity-Defying Spilled Milk Gelatin Art Piece

When I heard about "Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk" Day, I knew I wanted to make a piece where it looked like the a milk carton was spilling milk out of milk gelatin (which is solid). It was a similar idea as to the

"Nerd-tastic Gravity-Defying Intergalactic Piece" that was for Word Nerd Day (see link) & was originally inspired by a video from Shereka's World YouTube channel.


There is a stick that provides structure and is covered with candy so that it gives the illusion that the candy is spilling out of the box. :)

But for this piece, I wanted to make it all out of gelatin, so I planned that there would be a cylindrical or column-shaped piece of milk gelatin and then another more free-form shape of gelatin which looked like a milk spill. All together giving the illusion that the milk was spilling out of the cartoon.

What I used:

- Empty milk (heavy cream) carton

- Milk (which was actually expired anyways)

- Gelatin packets

- Recycled plastic cylindrical container from my lemonade packets

- Scissors

- Green plastic container for other "spilled milk" part of gelatin (didn't end up using it actually)

I bloomed the gelatin with the milk. While it was blooming, I start cutting a little slit in the plastic cylindrical container. It was my mold for the column of milk gelatin; after it set, I planned to cut away the plastic container. I cut a slit in it before I put the milk gelatin mixture in it, so that it would be easier to cut away after the milk gelatin set.

Left: Here is the green container of solid milk gelatin, which I didn't end up using actually.

Center: This is the solid column of milk gelatin after cutting away the plastic container. I sculpted this further, so it would fit inside the milk carton.

Right: What I ended up using for the "spilled milk" was actually "spilled milk" gelatin. :)

I put the milk carton upside down over the sculpted column of milk gelatin and placed this over the spilled milk gelatin area and took a picture of the finished piece.

The milk cartoon is defying gravity and spilling milk!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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