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Golf Cupcake / Golf Lover's Day

Here is a cute cupcake design idea I came up with inspired by Golf Lover's Day! You can make it for your favorite Golf Lover or for fun any day!

Oct. 4 is Golf Lover's Day this year!


For an idea for a Mini Golf cookie or cake, check out this post:


What I used:

- Cupcake

- Buttercream (I made from scratch; link) that I colored light green


Note: In some cupcake or cake designs, using buttercream or store-brought frosting makes a difference. For example if you are constructing something with some height, then I think buttercream works better. However, in this cupcake design, it doesn't matter whether you use buttercream or store-bought frosting; I just happened to have extra buttercream.

- Green liquid food Coloring

- Shredded coconut (grass)

- Golf Hole Flag I made (toothpick bamboo skewer, red paper and glue)

- 1 white M&M (Golf Ball)

- Black gel food coloring (to make the golf hole)

I put some light green buttercream frosting on the cupcake.

To make the grass, I added a few drops to some shredded coconut in a bag (as shown). I think liquid food coloring works a lot better than gel food coloring with shredded coconut.

Then I added the Golf Flag, a little black gel food coloring to make a hole, and a white M&M for the golf ball. So cute! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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