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Going Super Meta-: Edible Terrarium

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I made my own version of this beautiful Edible Terrarium Pin I saw on Pinterest, which was a photo from Instagram.


The photo was from gastro art and was a savory version served in a high-end restaurant.

"Potato crisp filled with roasted scallions, potato purée, black truffle, salt & vinegar potato glass. A gorgeous dish by @mathewdpeters & @harrisonturone. Photograph by @davidescalante #gastroart"

Mine was a sweet version. I used a cupcake, hard candy, marshmallows and gelatin balloons.

Terrarium Glass: Gelatin Bubble

I made a gelatin bubble for the terrarium glass as I learned how to do making snow globe cupcakes (link).


Plant (Tillandsias): Hard Candy

I melted down crushed green jolly ranchers and put them in this rod-shaped silicone mold I had as I learned how to do to make a Galaxy Lollipop (but I'm still working on learning how to do that, haha :) -- see link).


Once the candy became solid again, but was still pliable (& not completely hard or set), I shaped them into a plant with long leaves like Tillandsias (plant used in terrariums). I broke some of the rods into smaller pieces. I stuck it in the cupcake.

Rocks: Marshmallows

I cut some mini-marshmallows into pieces and put them into be the rocks. :)

Putting It Together

I put the "plant" and "rocks" in the terrarium in the terrarium and covered it with "glass". This would be really cute & delicious (except for the plain gelatin glass) for garden-themed or nature-themed party.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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