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Going Super Meta-: Can I Make a (Holiday-Edition) Edible Flower Pot?

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

I saw this Tasty "Eat The Feed" YouTube video where they try to recreate a flower pot cake from someone's Instagram feed. It looked so cool! I wanted to try to make a mini- version of it and being it is the Holiday season, I decided to make a Christmas tree.

So this is a super meta- cooking art project: watching a YouTube video that is about someone's Instagram feed. I also ended up watching a lot of other YouTube videos in the process and then I'm posting it on the internet and maybe I'll post it on IG and YouTube to complete the super meta-circle. Haha. :)

And this is super fun, so this is actually the first in the series of Going Super Meta-. :) Also I have mentioned in some of my posts that some things I work on, are art projects, so I also labeled this post under "Arts & Crafts" tab. It's mixed media art; just you can eat it too. Haha. :)

I wrote what actually worked in a separate post called "Marshmallow Christmas Trees" (see link). This post is a narrative version of some trial & error and my experience with coming up with "Marshmallow Christmas Trees". I went super meta- and came up with something new & awesome. :)


The original Edible Flower Pot Cake has a chocolate shell which is airbrushed to look more like a flower pot and it is shaped like a flower pot. On the inside there is a chocolate mouse and cookie crumbs (? Oreos) on top to look like potting soil and it is covered with edible flowers. The Tasty re-creation looked really good!

A few things to start:

1.) No Tempering Chocolate: I knew I didn't feel like learning how to temper chocolate, so I knew I had to find an alternative to making the "flower pot".

2.) No Learning How to Make Mousse: I knew I didn't feel like learning how to make mousse which was in their pot -- but from my experiments with cake pops, I knew that chocolate cake pop mixture looked like potting soil, would be sturdy and could fill a "flower pot".




3.) Rosemary for Christmas Tree?: I had seen rosemary while I was watching the Food Network (some chicken recipe maybe) and it really looked like pines on a Christmas tree, so I knew I wanted to incorporate rosemary, but I wasn't sure how when I started.


Trial & Error

Making the "Flower Pot"

Attempt #1 - Red Candy Melts: Fail.

What I learned: Candy Melts are not always like Chocolate.

The first thing I tried was to make the flower pot. I have red candy melts which I thought would be festive. In the video, they put melted liquid chocolate around a popcorn tub and peel it off once it hardens. When I have been working with cake pops, candy melts and chocolate have worked similar, so I thought could try it here. I thought I could try to put melted red candy melts around a little plastic cup and tear apart the plastic cup and voila!, a red candy melt cup. I also tried it with a glass cup to see if I could peel off hardened red candy melts from the glass cup. Pouring the melted red candy melts into the glass reminded me of dipping a Maker's Mark bottle at the distillery, which is super fun; you should go there and try it yourself.

Attempt #2: Edible Ice Cube Chocolate Cups: Success!

I was Googling to figure out how to make a chocolate cup without tempering and I remembered I had watched this YouTube video before where they made an ice mold with a muffin pan and then dipped it in liquid melted chocolate to make a chocolate cup.

Switching to chocolate and reading the Ghiradelli bag on how to melt them in the microwave on the defrost setting has also helped me immensely and sped things up. Before I only read that you could melt candy melts or chocolate by turning your microwave on 50% setting, but I couldn't figure out how to do this. Haha. )

I also wrote this as a separate post "Can I Make Edible Chocolate Cups?" because there were some tips I came up with. :)


While I was watching this and other random YouTube videos, one that was recommended was "Can This Chef Make Marshmallows Fancy?" This is not the main part of the video, but during one part of it, she takes some marshmallows microwaves them, spreads them on a baking sheet and then bakes them. It makes a hardened marshmallow crisp, which she puts in the dessert. I had a Eureka! moment when I saw this video -- that was how I could incorporate the rosemary to make a Christmas tree: use the melted marshmallows as my canvas and add in the rosemary and bake it all together, so it hardens.

I had actually bought a ton of marshmallows mostly because they were so cheap and it was funny, it looked like a pillow. I took a picture. And funny thing in this video, Rie, the producer/chef says "I wish this marshmallow was my pillow." Haha. :) Before I saw that I had already taken a picture of the marshmallows as a pillow. Haha. :)

Briefly, here are some pictures of how you make Edible Ice Cube Chocolate Cups. I go into it in more detail in my other post.

Making the Christmas Tree

Testing Microwaving then Baking Marshmallows

With my Eureka Moment, I first tried out if microwaving marshmallows and then baking them made it into the crisp like I had seen on the Tasty YouTube video. This wasn't the real recipe, so it wasn't on the internet. It worked!

Next, I tried to add fresh rosemary and a pretzel rod tree stem to make it look more like a Christmas tree. :) There are some specific tips I figured out and I tried out different times and amounts, which I will go into in the "Marshmallow Christmas trees" post.

Making the potting soil

Like making a cake pop, I mixed chocolate cake with Chocolate frosting. It really looks like potting soil doesn't it? :) There wasn't any trial and error here; it worked from the start.

Putting it Together:

Ta da! There are some specific tips and tricks I developed and I have detailed every step on how to do this in the "Marshmallow Christmas Trees" post.

How cool does that look? Going super meta- is super fun!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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