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Going Super Meta-: Can I Make a "Cheesy Bread Cube"?

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I saw this Cheesy Bread Cube on YouTube from Tasty and it was so awesome that I had to try it! A cube-shaped block of white sandwich bread with a cheesy gooey center that oozes out! :)

This was on Tasty's Eating Your Feed, so this is a Going Super Meta- post: they saw it on IG and posted the video on YouTube (& social media) and I'm going to make it and post it on social media, so going full circle. Haha. :)

How you get the cheese to ooze out of the bread?

The way it works is that you make the bread dough and you freeze the cheesy component.

When you put the frozen cheesy component and make the bread dough and bake them together, then the bread bakes and the frozen cheese becomes melt-y at the right time.

I think it's really cool because it's a science experiment in that you have 2 different components cooking and then they both have to cook the right way to get the finished product. I'm really into cooking these types of foods. :) It's similar into other things I've made before like Peanut-Butter Stuffed Brownies, Mint-Stuffed Chocolate Mint Brownies or Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatballs (Check out the links)





The Cheesy Bread Cube is shokupan bread made in a cool metal cube-shaped shoku breadpan.

What is shokupan?

It's sort of like like white sandwich bread, but a little sweeter and maybe a little fluffier.

"The most ubiquitous type of bread in Japan is the white and pillowy square-shaped bread called shokupan, which simply means “eating bread.” Made of white flour, yeast, milk or milk powder, butter, salt and sugar, shokupan is both loved and taken for granted by most."


This is an example of cool cube-shaped bread pan.


Attempt #1:

In the video, they make shokupan bread and a cheesy bechamel sauce and use a cute cube-shaped metal breadpan.

Some adjustments from the video:

1.) Cheesy component: I haven't learned how to bechamel yet, so I decided to use this fondue I had and to freeze it with some American cheese into little ice cubes.

2.) White sandwich bread: I also just decided to make white sandwich bread instead of shokupan bread.

3.) Recycling and making a makeshift cube-shaped shokubread pan: I didn't have a cute cube-shaped metal shokupan bread pan. I figured I could use the breadloaf pan I had and do some DIY/arts & crafts to make the bread come out cube-shaped.

Making the Cheesy Part

It was pretty easy. I just used this Fondue & More mix I got and some American cheese.

I sprayed the ice cube tray with cooking spray and then I squeezed the Fondue & More mix into some components and topped it off with some pieces of American cheese.

I put it in the freezer to make cheesy ice cubes overnight.

Making the White Sandwich Bread Part

Check out my post with more details on the making of the sandwich bread part. It was the first time I made sandwich bread. I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe from the Food Network.

Making the Makeshift Shokupan Bread-Pan / Recycling & DIY & Arts & Crafts

This part was fun and I also made it a separate post because you can use these recycling techniques to customize your baking pans to bake different shapes.

My bread loaf pan was a rectangle, but I needed a cube.

I thought I could use pieces of cardboard covered with foil and use things to occupy space in the breadpan to make sure that when the bread expanded during baking in the oven that I would be able to have 2 cubes of cheesy bread from the rectangular breadloaf pan.


- Bread loaf pan

- Cardboard box

- Foil

- Scissors

- Metal cookie cutter (oven-safe things to occupy space in the center of the bread-pan)

- Silicone molds (oven-safe thing to cover the bread pan during baking to keep the bread from rising beyond a cube)

- 2nd baking pan (to put the silicone molds in)

I cut 2 small pieces of cardboard for the bread-loaf pan and put the cookie cutter in the middle, which occupied just the right amount of space to have 2 cubes from the rectangle. :)

To make it safer and more hygienic for baking, I wet the pieces of cardboard. I didn't think the cardboard would burst into the flames in the oven, but I wanted to make sure that it wouldn't. :) Then, I wrapped the wet cardboard pieces with foil and put them back in.

This is what it looks like before the cheesy part + bread dough. Not a great pic. It actually may have been a photo I accidentally took. Haha. :)

Putting the Frozen Cheesy Components and Bread Dough together

I put a little dough in the bottom of my makeshift shokupan

I took my cheesy ice cubes and put them on some dough. I added extra American cheese for extra cheesi-ness. :)

Here is one cheesy bread cube.

Here are the little cheesy bread cubes before baking in the makeshift shokubread pan. Two cubes! I only made the cubes about 2/3 or 3/4 of the bread pan before baking because I knew the bread was going to rise.

To prevent the bread from rising beyond a cube-shape I put this baking pan with silicone molds in it on top of the makeshift shoku bread pan. These are just oven-safe things which provide weight to constrain the cheesy bread into a cube. :)

I baked the bread.

I was going to write -- the moment of truth.

There were actually 2 moments of truth.

1.) Did the makeshift shokubread pan work and would they be bread cubes?

2.) Would they ooze cheesy goodness?

RESULT: Success! (x 2) :)

We are good at this! Two cheesy bread cubes! The makeshift shoku bread pan worked!

Moment of truth #1: 2 cheesy bread cubes!

Moment of truth #2: Cheesy goodness oozing out!

Check out the videos below too. Haha. :) It also tasted really good. It's super fun!

I do think you have to bake your own bread to get the full fun effect, which takes awhile. It takes awhile, but it's worth it.

I'm glad I saw this Tasty Eating the Feed Video and did some cooking / science experiments and DIY/arts&crafts all in one. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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