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Going Meta- / EAFTI: Epoxy Resin = Clear Hard Candy

The Positive Couple on YouTube that was recommended to me definitely embodies inspiring art with your heart. :) They have these fantastic videos and creative art projects. They use lots of different materials in unexpected ways.

One of the first Positive Couple videos I watched was of this clear table with faux flowers inside it; it has over 5 million views! It was so beautiful. I want one when I have room somewhere. One medium they like to use is epoxy resin. I immediately thought that the epoxy resin looked like clear hard candy and wanted to make edible art inspired by the clear flower table. So this is an example of Edible Art from the Inedible -- that's what EAFTI stands for by the way. :)

I tried it a couple different ways. Both turned out great. One looks more like the table than the other.

Piece #1:

The first way I tried it was with by making flowers and leaves from marshmallow fondant and baking it before putting it in hot liquid hard candy mixture. This is a similar technique as when I made the fossilized fish.


First, the marshmallow fondant spread a little bit more than I thought in the oven and became blobs instead of flowers or leaves.

Also, the hot liquid hard candy mixture melted the marshmallow fondant flowers and leaves more than I expected. So this was definitely a more abstract interpretation. :)

Finished Piece #1:

Piece #2:

The second time I made hard candy flowers using a silicone flower mold. I crushed Life Savers and Jolly Ranchers and melted them down in the mold. I also made leaves by putting little piles in the shape of leaves in a different silicone mold. Then I placed the flowers and leaves and poured hot liquid hard candy mixture over it.

This time, the hard candy flowers & leaves didn't melt by the time the hot liquid hard candy mixture cooled down.

Finished Piece #2:

How cool does that look? Edible art inspired by the Positive Couple! :)

You can be inspired by different types of art and adapt them for yourself. I don't think I'll ever do epoxy resin stuff, but I will continue to be inspired by their art and make my own interpretation in hard candy versions. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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