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Going Meta- / EAFTI: Crystal River

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

When I saw this Positive Couple YouTube video, I thought it was so cool and again where they used epoxy, I saw hard candy.

I decided to make an edible version of their epoxy and wood art piece with hard candy and cookies!

This project worked out well for "Jewel Day" because I used my jewel silicone mold to form the crystal river. :)

What is Jewel Day?

"Jewel is a term used to refer to gemstones - precious or semi-precious and natural or man-made - and for ornaments made from these gemstones. The word comes from the Medieval Latin word jocale meaning plaything or pastime.

Coveted Throughout Human History

Jewels and ornaments have been used by humans for functional and decorative purposes throughout history. In many societies in the past and present, jewelry is worn as a way of reflecting one's status in society.

The origins of this unofficial holiday, which is also known as National Jewel Day in the United States, are unknown."


Above is the original piece.


My plan was to use a large cookie as the base (wood) and paint it to resemble the river as well as the wood component. I also planned to add jewel-shaped blue crystals / shards for the "crystal" part of the Crystal River.

I decided to add some bling -- which is like a lot of Positive Couple's work anyways :) -- by painting the wood area in gold.

Cookie Base:

To make the base (wood), I made a large cookie and used the same easy sugar cookie and non-Royal Icing Icing that I have made before.


Crystals / Jewels

I made the same hard candy mixture that I learned how to make when trying to make this Galaxy Rainbow Lollipop. I'm still learning how to do that, but it's a good example of learning something that is useful even if that particular project didn't turn out how you hoped. I've used what I learned about hard candy in lots of different edible art projects since then, even if I haven't completed making a Galaxy Rainbow Lollipop yet. It's a good thing I tried it. :)


One difference from some other projects is I used some liquid food coloring to color the mixture blue for the river. In addition to using the silicone mold (after spraying with cooking spray) to make some blue crystals, I also poured some excess on to a cooking spray-covered foil that I was going to break into shards for the river.

Before adding frosting and painting the cookie. I tried out placing some of the hard candy crystal jewels for the river. I realized I needed another set of 6 to cover my river, so I made some more. They looked pretty already!

First, I painted on the blue river in icing. The icing served two purposes: decorative and functional. It was also glue to hold the crystals and shards in place. Once I placed by big jewels, I realized that I needed to make my river a little wider to look nice proportionately and to fit my blue crystal shards. I added more blue icing to make the river wider.

Next I broke the big piece of blue hard candy I made into shards and stuck them on the piece.

Then, I painted the wood. I added gold lustre dust to the brown/wood-color icing I made before painting, but I actually don't recommend you do that. It maybe added some sparkle, but it seems like the icing just absorbed it.

This (adding lustre dust to wet icing) does not work well -- photo on the right.

What actually worked and made the gold color really show up was letting the brown/wood-color dry completely and then paint on gold "wood" square and rectangular accents with gold lustre dust paint (gold lustre dust with mint extract). Any extract - vanilla extract or vodka etc. works. The gold lustre dust just needs a liquid base to form a paint.

This is before I painted on the gold accents, but after I added some gold lustre dust to the wet icing. Maybe there is some sparkle in there, but not much. I let this dry and then painted on gold accents.

Here it is after painting on some blinged out gold accents in wood-shaped or square or rectangular. The original had sort of a parkay floor design in the wood part. I think it turned out really well! There are a few photos below.

It's fun combining the different techniques I've learned to make something new. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this! :)

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