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Giant Chicken Quesadilla Soup Dumpling

I came up with this fun appetizer after being inspired by Tasty, Twisted, and Tastemade YouTube videos. It uses queso gelatin which I came up with after Going Super Meta- w/ Tasty and making an "orange of meat". It looks like something that would be in a Twisted video. :) I got into the soup dumpling idea from trying out Tastemade & Tasty videos. It's like a soup dumpling, except we are using tortillas and queso gelatin -- instead of dough and soy gelatin.





- 3 tortillas

- 3 oz. of melt-y cheese (mozzarella or cheddar or both :) )

- Rotisserie chicken (~1/2 to 3/4 cup, hand shredded or more if you want)

- Old El Paso Taco Seasoning

- Tomato sauce (2 tablespoons )

- Optional: Daisy Sour Cream

- Queso gelatin (5 ice cube sized pieces)

Do I Need Queso Gelatin?

- I think you could just put queso in the middle and put it in the oven, but it will have a different melt-y quality and probably be more liquid-y after cooking in the oven vs. if you use queso gelatin. When it melts, queso gelatin has a sort of "velveeta" gooey texture.

1.) Make the queso gelatin -- at least a few hours or 1 day or more ahead of when you are going to make the quesadilla.

-- You can make it a day or a few days ahead and leave it in the fridge.

-- Just put some Chile con Queso in a pot and 2 gelatin packets on a stove on medium and mix together: this is about 1/2 cup of queso with 2 gelatin packets).

-- Pour it into an ice cube tray that you have sprayed with cooking spray.

-- Then put it in the fridge to set -- at least 1 hour or so.

More info:


Photo on the right is after they have set cubes of queso gelatin!

2.) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

3.) Mix the chicken w/ Old El Paso Taco Seasoning and tomato sauce.

3.) Place 3 tortillas on a baking sheet overlapping as in the picture.

4.) Place the chicken mixture in the middle in the shape of a ring.

5.) Put you queso gelatin ice cubes and cheese in the middle.

6.) Fold up the edges as in the picture.

-- Note: You don't need a binder clip. I was just experimenting with ways to hold it together until the cheese melted.

7.) Put something on top to hold it together when it first goes in the oven. When the cheese melts, that will be glue.

-- I put a silicone gel mold, but you can use another baking sheet or other oven-save dish.

8.) Bake covered for about 7-10 min.; bake uncovered for 5-7 min. to crisp things up.

9.) Eat!

Give it a try! We are good at this! Fun take on a chicken quesadilla w/ melt-y queso gelatin! :)

For another recipe that uses queso gelatin, check out the "Orange of Meat" which I mentioned above and also this "Melted Gelatin Salsa Con Queso Scalloped Potatoes" :)



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