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German-Style Sweet Potato Salad

l saw this on the Kitchen from Jeff Mauro and it looked tasty. I'm posting it for #CookaSweetPotatoDay!


Feb. 22 is Cook a Sweet Potato Day!


What I used:

- Sweet Potatoes

- Bacon (4 strips)

- Parsley

- Mustard

- Vinegar

- Chopped Onions (I forgot to get an onion)

Typically I cook bacon on a wire rack or grate over a baking sheet and bake it; this way the fat drips out. Here I cooked the bacon strips in a pan because you use the bacon fat for an oil for a little vinagrette for the sweet potatoes. I took out the bacon and made into chunky pieces.

To make the sweet potatoes easier to chop into chunks and to make things faster, instead of boiling them, I microwaved them for 5 or 6 min. and then I sauteed them in the bacon fat.

Tip: It's also easier to peel them to if you microwave the potatoes / sweet potatoes for a few minutes.

I poured some vinegar, squeezed some mustard and added some copped onion powder into the bacon fat. I mixed it all together and then I poured it on chunks of potatoes and bacon.

Then I added it on top of the sweet potatoes and bacon and added some parsley.

Ta da! It's an unexpected fun way to eat sweet potatoes!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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