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Gelatin Light Bulb for Edison's Birthday (Inventor's Day)

For Inventor's Day or Thomas Alva Edison's Birthday, I wanted to make a gelatin light bulb since Edison invented the lightbulb!

I planned that there would be 2 hemisphere pieces which I would connect to form the bulb and then another cylinder for the metal part of a light bulb.

I made gelatin hemispheres using balloons as I learned how to do before and detailed in my Snow Globe Cupcake post (see link).


To make the cylinder or metal part of a lightbulb I took a bunch of foil and saran wrap and made it into a cylinder, which I then sprayed with cooking spray before I dipped / rolled it in liquid gelatin.

After all the pieces set, I took 2 hemispheres and put them together to make the light bulb. I was surprised that my foil and saran wrap cylinder worked! I couldn't get all the

I cut a hole in one of the hemispheres of the lightbulb and put the gelatin cylinder in there to form the full lightbulb. I couldn't get all the foil out, but it's fine because it is the metal part of a lightbulb.

Then I took a picture that looks like the wearegoodatthis wegat social media profile icons. Haha! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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