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Geeking Out Over Cake Pops - Intro / Set-Up: Trying to Minimize Calories per Pop

I always loved cake pops since I tried them at Starbucks. They are so fun! Cake pops are essentially a small bit of cake on a lollipop stick. I didn't realize how cake pops were made until I Googled it and watched the Food Network.

Cake pops are made of cake crumbs mixed with icing/chocolate (this is what makes them moist & delicious) formed into a ball and then dipped in chocolate or candy melts, etc. with a lollipop stick.

I wanted to try to make cake pops and since I'm going to eat cake pops anyways, I decided to try to figure out how to minimize the calories per pop by experimenting:

- different cake and frosting ratios,

- different types of frosting,

- etc.

For example, the least amount of frosting you can use to bind the cake balls will give you the least amount of calories per pop.

Along the way, I also learned some tips & tricks about how to make cake pops, which you can use to make it easier if you try to do make them too.

My experiments are broken down by the different steps to make the cake pop. Stay tuned for updates to these posts as I learn more. :)

- Geeking Out Over Cake Pops - Part 1: Cake Ball Formation: add link

- Geeking Out Over Cake Pops - Part 2: Dipping & Assembling: add link

I looked at a lot of websites, but primarily used these ones for reference:

- Two Twenty One: https://www.twotwentyone.net/how-to-make-cake-pops/

- Sally's Baking Addiction: https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/homemade-cake-pops/

- Bluprint: https://www.mybluprint.com/article/the-secret-to-getting-smooth-shiny-cake-pops-every-time

We are good at this!

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