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Garlic Butter Shrimp with Corn

This was my riff on a recipe I saw on the Food Network app. It looked really tasty and colorful!


It's Lemon Juice Day! Lemon juice provides a nice hit of acid to almost any dish, but especially with seafood like shrimp.

What I used:

- Frozen Corn (1/2 bag)

- Cherry tomatoes (~5) cut in half

- Lemon (for zest and lemon juice)

- 2 tablespoons of butter

- 4 oz. frozen shrimp (thawed)

- 1 teaspoon of minced garlic

- Fresh basil (torn)

- Red pepper fakes (generously sprinkled)

- Feta cheese

(I was making a half portion. )

First, I thawed the shrimp.

Then I put the frozen corn in the toaster oven on air fryer setting at 400 degrees for ~7 minutes.

In the mean time, I zested the lemon and put it in a bowl. I also melted the butter in this bowl with minced garlic and cut the cherry tomatoes in half and sauteed them.

I then microwaved the shrimp for 2 minutes with the tomatoes and butter and garlic.

I would have done a sheet pan dinner and put the shrimp on the sheet pan, but the "roasted" corn was almost done and I wanted to try out how shrimp would taste in the microwave. :)

I mixed in the shrimp, butter, garlic, tomatoes mixture with the corn. Then i sprinkled some red pepper flakes for some heat. I also tore some basil and put it on top. I sprinkled some feta cheese and lemon juice on top and I added some lemon wedges to finish it off.

Here is the finished product! So tasty all together! And fast.

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