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Ganache Pour Over Chocolate Cake

I was inspired by this Tasty YouTube video "Giant Molten Chocolate Cake" (below) to make a ring cake and pour chocolate ganache it and watch it spill out. Watching chocolate ganache pours and spills is one of the most fun things to watch, so I wanted to try it myself!

It's so fun! It's even more fun than watching!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

I don't have a Bundt pan, so I made one using a springboard pan and putting a ramekin in the middle to form the hole.

Left: Cake batter before baking.

Center & Right: Cake after baking on the ganache pour set-up I made byp lacing the cake pan on a glass, so there was more room to spill.

I made ganache by mixing heavy cream with Ghiradelli chocolate. Here it is ready to pour!

Check out what happened on YouTube: :)


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