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Frankenstein Pancake

Here's a cute pancake design idea for Halloween or Frankenstein Day or any day! :)

What I used:

- Bisquick pancake mix

- Green food coloring

- Melted dark chocolate (You could use chocolate syrup too)

- White chocolate wafer (eyes)

- 2 Brown M&Ms (pupils)

I just made pancake mix as directed. I added a little green food coloring to it and mixed it together in this plastic bag. Then I snipped off the corner and made a little block head for Frankenstein.

Then I added on Frankenstein's hair, ear/bolts, and grill mouth with melted chocolate.

I just put 2 white chocolate wafers on for eyes/conjunctiva and added in the brown M&M pupils.

That's it! Funny, yummy and easy!

Give it at try! We are good at this!

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