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Fossil Cupcakes (Fossil Day / Dessert Day)

Here are some Fossil Cupcakes I came up with inspired by Fossil Day & Dessert Day, which are both on Oct. 14 this year!

National Fossil Day

"National Fossil Day is an annual celebration held to highlight the scientific and educational value of paleontology and the importance of preserving fossils for future generations."



Dessert Day


What I used:

- Cupcakes

- Vanilla Frosting

- Brown sugar (to look like sand or dirt :) )

- Marshmallow Fondant I made (For the fossils; see link. It's really easy and takes ~30 sec. It's a little more pliable to me and tastes slightly better to me than pre-made fondant, haha!)


I covered the cupcakes vanilla frosting and sand (brown sugar :) )

Then with the marshmallow fondant I made, I made 2 different types of "fossils"

Shell: I took a rope of fondant and then I made a spiral. I used a fork to add some texture.

Then I also made a small fish. :)

You may be able to sculpt even more complex fossils! Haha1 :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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