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Feb. 3: The Day the Music Died

You probably know the phrase "The Day the Music Died" from the song lyric from Don McLean's American Pie. Here is what it's about. I made a Jukebox Cookie to commemorate it.

What is "The Day the Music Died Day"?

"The Day the Music Died Day commemorates the untimely death of singers Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper. These three Rock singers died in an airplane crash on February 3, 1959. at the height of their popularity."

Every generation has their music idols. These three were among the top of the 1950's generation. Those who grew up in the fifties mourned the premature deaths of their music idols. Memorials and remembrances occurred for years. Today, there are many websites memorializing their deaths, and detailing the events before and after the tragedy.

Feb. 3 is day is an observance, rather than a holiday. The term "holiday" implies a celebration. The death of these three musicians was nothing short of tragic. So, let's mark this day in recognition of the silencing of the voices of these great singers in their prime.

The event later became known as "The Day the Music Died", after singer-songwriter Don McLean referred to it as such in his 1971 song "American Pie". "


I baked and a sugar cookie and painted it with Non-Royal Icing Icing based on a cartoon I saw on Google. I used a little silver edible glitter to give a little sparkle to the jukebox. I made a marshmallow fondant record to finish it off.

This is an example of how you can use multiple materials (e.g. Icing, Glitter and Fondant) to decorate a cookie to give different effects.

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