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Experiment with Mandoline w/ Bacon-Wrapped Potato Roses

As I mentioned in my cute bacon-wrapped potato roses post (link), at the time, I didn't realize you could change the thickness of the slices on the mandoline. Haha. :) They were really thin, almost translucent! I rolled them into a rose; it worked well! I felt like making the potato roses again and decided to try an experiment and try it with potato slices of different thicknesses.


December 1, 2019

This first photo is from my first attempt at making the bacon-wrapped potato roses. On the other side of the mandoline, there are some dials and I didn't realize what they did at the time. Haha. :) One of them if you turn it can adjust the thickness of the slices.

This time, I made 3 different thicknesses: thin (like the first time), medium and thicker. This is the picture on the right.

It turned out that the medium and thick slices were too thick to roll into a rose anyways and the thinnest one (original one I had used) was best anyways. :)

I used the other potato slices in another fun experiment -- with scalloped potatoes, which I will write about later. :)

You are supposed to put them in a muffin pan and have a bacon ring and the muffin pan hold them in place. When I made them, my muffin pan that I had used before was occupied, so I used some binder rings to form a circular mold. Haha. :) They are steel and have a high melting point. It seemed to work. Haha. :) The last photo (below this row of photos) looks pretty good. They look like roses. :)

I know there is no way I could slice the potatoes this thin myself, so the mandoline has come in handy.

Give it a try -- in a muffin pan or with binder rings! We are good at this!

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