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Erupting Dry Ice Volcano Arts & Crafts

Here is a fun volcano arts & crafts I made with some dry ice that came with a package -- actually with some Omaha Steaks. Haha! :)

In my notes, I swear I saw somewhere on the internet that it was August 24 was Volcano Day. It is the anniversary of when Mount Vesuvius erupted. I can't find that site.

Anyways, here is an article from Wired in 2010 that mentions something about Volcano Day.


I remember playing around with dry ice -- in a safe manner, haha! -- when my parents would bring some home or it would come in packages.

I just painted a volcano scene on a piece of cardboard and then I added some water and soap to some dry ice to make it smoke. Haha! :)

What I used:

- Sky and grass scene painted on paper

- Cardboard

- Filti material scraps (used to add texture for the lava)

- Paint

- Cups and a bowl on top

For smoke / eruption,

- Dry Ice (Warning: When you handle dry ice, wear cloth gloves or mitts -- not just nitrile/latex gloves and wear eye protection.)

- water, a little dish soap

The blue sky/grass scene is taped against the wall. Then there are cups stacked and the cardboard volcano is placed in front. Haha! :)

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