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Elegant, Quick & Cheap Storage - only 3 supplies!

If you need storage, but aren't sure if you want to buy a book case, then this Elegant Cheap Storage idea is right for you. This storage idea also doesn't take up much visual space in your room, so you can still decorate with it.

The room in the thumbnail was a storage room turned into a home office (+storage hidden away in the shelving units).

Elegant, quick and cheap aren't usually adjectives that go together, but they do here! Quick and cheap go together, but not with elegant. Anyways, this project is all 3! It also only costs $40-$60 compared to $100 or more for a good book case.

This project uses a plastic garage storage shelving, curtain with rings at the top, and some twine or yarn -- to make storage shelving which is covered by a panel. The panel is also a good background for video calls. 😀

What I used:

- Plastic Garage Storage Shelving (from hardware store or online)

- Curtains with rings (72" or 84"; you will see grey or cream here, but any color you like).

- Twine

- Scissors

- Level and hammer (may be useful for putting together the Garage Storage Shelving.)


TIme: In total,, it takes about 30-40 min. to put together. The rate-limiting step is how long it takes you to put together the garage storage shelving unit.

1.) Put together the Garage Storage Shelving. (The black one was from Home Depot. The color doesn't matter because you are covering it up with a panel of cloth.)


-- Use a level every shelf you put on to make sure the whole shelving unit is level.

-- You may need a hammer to get the plastic pieces into the right position to be level.

-- If there is extra plastic from the plastic mold that makes the shelving unit cut it out with scissors (or a knife if necessary.)

2.) Cut 24" pieces of twine (one for each holes in the curtain). The twine doesn't need to be exactly 24". It just needs to be long enough for you to tie the curtain in place at the top.

3.) Position the curtain from the top of the shelving unit, so it drapes down and tie it into place with your pieces of twine. (The curtains were from Target. If it he curtain is too long, you can either pull up on it and tie it further back on the top piece of the shelving unit or you can hem it from the bottom with safety pins (or sewing if you prefer).

This room was a storage room turned into a home office (+storage). It has 5 storage units with curtain paneling. Here are some photos from different days. The effect is just paneled walls and it's not distracting or anything. As noted above, the panel is also a good background for video calls. 😀 It's much better than open shelving! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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