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Eggs: Perfect Sunny-Side-Up Eggs Are Easy!

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Before I learned this easy trick (I think from my brother), whenever I would try to make sunny-side-up eggs, the yolk was either undercooked or overcooked. When the egg white was perfectly cooked, then the yolk wasn't cooked yet and if I waited a few minutes, then the egg yolk would be overcooked.

This easy tip will solve all your problems.

When you are cooking sunny-side-up eggs, just cover them with a lid!

It keeps the heat in, cooking the yolk on top while the egg white is cooking.

If you have a transparent lid like in the picture, then it is easier to monitor, but it works for other lids too.

You will have perfect sunny-side-up eggs from now on. We are good at this!

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