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Eggs in Purgatory while Cleaning out the Fridge

This is a version of Eggs in Purgatory I made while cleaning out the fridge. Eggs in Purgatory is a variation of Shakshuka, a Middle Eastern dish with baked eggs in tomatoes. I found out that you don't necessarily need to bake because you can heat it up on the stove.

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What I used:

- Tomato sauce

- Eggs

- Garlic powder

- Sausage

- Spinach

- Caramelized onion

- Feta

- Fresh basil (torn)

I seared the sausage and spinach and oil in a little oil. I ground up the sausage into little pieces. After a few minutes, I added the tomato sauce and sprinkled some garlic powder.

After the tomato sauce warmed up, then I used the back of a spoon to make 2 holes or depressionsfor the eggs. I cracked 1 egg into each hole (right photo). Then I covered the pan with a lid to help the eggs cooked.

Once the eggs were cooked, then I sprinkled some feta and added some torn basil.

Good and pretty breakfast that cleaned out the fridge! You can eat it with toasted French bread.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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