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Edible Fossils / Fossilized Fish

This is how I made the fossilized fish or the steps/instructions for you to try it. As I mentioned in another post, I came up with the idea after burning the corn syrup/sugar/water mixture when I was trying to make a candy glass "gingerbread house." Good ideas can come when things don't go as expected. :)


What I used:

- Fish bones: Marshmallow fondant - marshmallows, powdered sugar & a tiny bit of water

- Fossil: Hard candy mixture - corn syrup, sugar & water

See posts for more info on how to make components.



First, I made marshmallow fondant as I detailed in the "Can I Make Marshmallow Fondant?" post that I learned from Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking website.


Then I baked it at 350 degrees for 5-7 min., but I didn't realize how much it spreads in the oven, so my fish & little lizard I made became blobs.

So I just used unbaked marshmallow fondant and put it in the foil mold.

For the hard candy part, I made a foil mold by folding up a piece of foil into a box as I had done to make my candy glass "gingerbread house". I made a hard candy mixture (corn syrup/sugar and water) and let it heat up to 300 degrees.

Then I poured it over the fish bones and let it set at room temp.

After 30 min. or so, I peeled off the foil to reveal the fossilized fish! The marshmallow fondant bones melted a little bit, but it looks cool and more like a real fossil.

That's it! We are good at this! Check out the pics.

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