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Edible Art: Serpent / Snake Cake Pop Sculpture Decorated with Candy

This is essentially a giant snake-shaped cake pop sculpture that I decorated with chocolate, frosting and candy.

While I made a snake, you could use these techniques to make other sculptures. It's different than sculpting cakes since cake pop mixture is more pliable.

Cake pop mixture makes it easier to do rounded or other irregular shapes compared to sculpting cakes.

This piece of art is completely edible and would taste really good actually! Like I said, it's a giant cake pop with candy. :)

What I used:

- Some cupcakes / cake

- Frosting

- White Chocolate

- Food Coloring

- Skull Candies

- Tic Tacs

- Candy Eyes

- 1 red starburst (tongue)

- Cookie spray

First, I made a cake pop mixture by adding some frosting to the cake. Then I sculpted it into a snake shape.

I then tried to put some frosting on it to see how well it would stick, but it didn't stick too well (center photo).

I used a technique I did on the Pink Bubble Wrap Cake in that I put a layer of melted white chocolate as a "crumb coat". This provided a surface for me to spread the frosting. I let this harden.

This is what it looked like after the chocolate hardened. I used these skull candies I got on sale after Halloween (haha :) ) and Tic Tacs for a design on the snake. I covered most of the snake with frosting that I colored green. I used skull candies because some snakes can be poisonous. Get it?!?! :)

I was almost done, but then I thought it needed a little something, so I added a part of a red Starburst which I sculpted into a forked tongue. :)

Here is my Serpent / / Snake Cake Pop Sculpture Decorated with Candy

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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