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Edible Art: Nerd-tastic Gravity-Defying Intergalactic Piece (Word Nerd Day)

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

This piece was inspired by a YouTube video I saw on Shereka's World channel, "M&M anti-gravity apple". This is more about the Nerd part than the Word part for Word Nerd Day. :)

I put my own twist on it making it Nerd-tastic and by making dense no-bake cheesecake gelatin for the base (instead of an apple), which is something that I have been experimenting with. I actually tried to make the cheesecake gelatin for practicing mirror glazes, but that didn't work out too well. Haha. :) However, it is working out as a sculptural element.

I had intended to make a whole sphere, but I didn't make enough cheesecake gelatin to make a whole sphere, so I was only able to make a hemi-sphere and it looks sort of like the surface of a planet.

Here is what I used. I bloomed the gelatin with milk like in the "Edible Elephant Toothpaste Dessert". Then I used black food coloring to color it. I put it in the fridge to set.


Once it came out of the fridge, it was pretty solid & like plastic. I stuck this Bamboo Skewer into it. I placed the empty Nerds box on top of the skewer askew. Haha. :) Then, I glued Nerds to the Bamboo Skewer using dark chocolate (so they wouldn't show that much). This gives the illusion that the Nerds are spilling out of the Nerds box and it's defying gravity! Haha. :)

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