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Edible Art: Melting Sculpture Made of Tortilla Chips & Queso

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

This is a fun way to make and eat chips & queso! It's really easy to build a sculpture out of tortilla chips & queso. It only takes 1 more ingredient: gelatin powder.

For Tortilla Chip Day, I knew I wanted to make a sculpture of tortilla chips & queso gelatin that melted. I think it's interesting when food changes structure during cooking (not just through the cooking process).

Another example is you can use pepperoni slices to be like dominoes in a cheesy pepperoni dip which fall down when the cheese melts. :) (see link)


I first made queso gelatin when I made this orange of meat inspired by a Tasty YouTube video. Those are meatballs covered by queso gelatin. Haha. :) See links.



To make the queso gelatin, I just heated up some queso and mixed in some gelatin powder. Once it was mixed together, I put it in a glass that I sprayed with cooking spray. Then, I put it in the fridge to set.

Once it solidified, I took it out of the glass. Nice little column for the sculpture. :) I did this the night before, but it only takes a couple hours for the queso gelatin to solidifiy.

Then I used a butterknife to cut some slits around the circle to fit tortilla chips.

Here are a couple different views of the sculpture before putting it in the oven. :) It looks like a flower or a windmill. Kinda fancy-looking, huh?

The fun part -- watching it melt!

The oven was at 400 degrees because I was baking something else. It only takes a few minutes to melt. Then, gooey cheesy deliciousness and crispy warm tortilla chips!

Yum! It's easy & fun to do. And it tastes good too. Give it a try! We are good at this!

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