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Edible Art: Famous Flower Painting in Donuts!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I decided to recreate a famous flower painting in donuts after being inspired by making the Valentine's Day donut bouquet!

A perfect fit for "Floral Design Day" too -- Feb. 28! Just using donuts I made into flowers instead of actual flowers. Haha. :)

It's super fun and pretty easy to create this delicious edible art piece! :)

Here are my first donut bouquets. :)


Selecting the Flower Painting

First, I looked up famous flower paintings. I found a great article on My Modern Met, which also has lots of other great artistic content.


There are some paintings which may be more famous, but there were a couple of things I was looking at when selecting a painting.

I chose Odilon Redon's White Vase with Flowers from 1916 for a few reasons:

- The flowers were in a vase (something needed for this project)

- The flowers were diverse in color, which would help to distinguish between the different donut flowers.

I also thought that this painting with diverse colors would be more fun to recreate and it would be more obvious that it was the painting I was trying to recreate.

For example, I looked at Vincent Van Gogh's Still Life with Irises or Sunflowers, but those paintings (which are beautiful) had flowers, which were all similar colors. I thought it would be hard to distinguish the donut flowers from each other and not obvious that I was trying to recreate those paintings.


Creating the Donut Flower Bouquet

Next, I gathered the ingredients/supplies. I used pretty much the same steps and techniques as for the Valentine's Day mini donut bouquet post. It's the same as floral design, but with donuts. Haha! :)

The basic steps are:

1.) Plan out / visualize what your donut/flower arrangement will look like by arranging your skewers/sticks in a glass.

2.) Cut some skewers/sticks to be shorter to fit the arrangement.

3.) Make glaze or have glaze and color it different colors to match your desired finished product.

4.) Take different donuts and dip them in different colors; let them set.

5.) Stick your donuts on the skewers according to your plan.

Voila! Beautiful donut flower bouquet! If you were doing floral design, you would cut some flower stems instead of the skewers/sticks, but it's the same thing. And obviously you wouldn't dip the flowers in glaze, but very similar. Haha. :)

One difference for this bouquet was that here I used a shorter glass with a wider opening because it was a bigger flower bouquet. It was a clear glass. I used some white tissue paper I had to make it a "white vase" since the Redon's painting is: White Vase with Flowers.

Here are the ingredients and supplies.

- Mini-donuts and donut holes

- Skewers

- Non-Royal Icing Icing (for donut glaze; see link)

- Food coloring

- Something for a vase (I didn't actually use the one in the photo as noted above)



Planning out the Donut/Flower Arrangement

Thinking about the flower painting (left), I cut some of the skewers shorter -- for the flowers in the front. I also recycled some styrofoam packaging I had and put it into the bottom of the glass to help keep the skewers in place.

Then, I made a batch of non-Royal Icing icing that I have made before (link). I colored small amounts of it different colors to match the flowers in the painting. :)


I let the donuts set. They are art on their own!

After the donuts set, I put the donuts on the skewers and arranged them as in the painting. I actually couldn't fit all the donut flowers I made, but most of them!

How cool is that?

It's so fun! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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