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Edible Art: Dinosaur Egg! (Chocolate Mint )

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I saw this chocolate egg in this Craft Factory YouTube video and it looked so cool that I wanted to try to make it. :) They had a white filling with yellow egg yolk, but I decided I wanted to put baby dinosaurs in it. :)

I wanted to make a chocolate egg with baby dinosaurs escaping.

To make the baby dinosaurs, I used a Composi-mold, reusable mold, I got before. I learned about them when I was trying to make Scrabble Letters. Those turned out to be a little bit of a mess (haha!) because I need to work on my chocolate skills (link).


But from making the chocolate scrabble letters, I learned about reusable molds and that's how I thought that I could use plastic dinosaur toys to make chocolate dinosaurs. :)

For the egg filling, I decided to make a mint green goo (mint green color and mint flavored for Chocolate mint day) by making a thicker version of this icing I have been using for sugar cookies (link).


What I used:

- White chocolate (colored green for the baby dinosaurs)

- Dark chocolate (Egg)

- Frontier Co-op Mint Flavor

- Food coloring (liquid & gel)

- Composimold (reusable mold)

- Plastic egg mold

- Dinosaur toys (to form mold for baby dinosaurs)

I wrote about the baby dinosaur mold Attempts 1 & 2 together, so you can see the wrong way to do it and the right way to do it. :) Then, I wrote about the chocolate egg and putting it all together.

Baby Dinosaur Mold: Attempt #1:

First, I got excited to reuse the mold again that I didn't do it correctly. I melted down the mold in the microwave in a container and then put the plastic dinosaurs in.

You are supposed to put the dinosaurs (or thing that occupies space to form a mold) in first and then pour the melted reusable mold on top. This provides an opening to pour chocolate in to use the mold.

What not to do:

What happens when you do it the wrong way:

I took out the baby dinosaurs, but there was mold underneath them because I put them into the mold (instead of pouring the mold on top of them). So I could tell there was going to be problems with getting the chocolate into the mold and getting the chocolate dinosaurs out. I melted down white chocolate wafers & colored them with green and blue food coloring to get this dark mint with some light blue color for the baby dinosaurs.

After letting it set in the fridge, I got 1 dinosaur with a head and 2 headless dinosaurs because the mold wasn't correct. So I did it again. :)

Baby Dinosaur Mold: Attempt #2:

This time I put the dinosaurs into an empty container, melted down the mold and then poured it on top.

How to do it:

I melted some white chocolate and colored it to do this dark mint with some light blue color again and put it in the mold & then in the fridge to set. Then I got 3 baby dinosaurs with heads! Some of the limbs didn't come out, but maybe I should have been more delicate with them when I was trying to take it out. They were ready

Chocolate Dinosaur Egg

I melted down some dark chocolate and coated the Egg mold and put it in the fridge. I didn't put any cooking spray or anything because when I Googled it said you didn't need to do that. I did not temper the chocolate. I just melted down some wafers. I also did not pour a lot of chocolate in and dump it out. This way where I put some and kind of move the mold and spread it out with a toothpick seems to use less chocolate, but maybe doesn't work as well -- as you will see. Haha. :)

When I tried to get it out, I had a little bit of problems. I YouTubed how to do it and it said you were supposed to temper the chocolate, clip the 2 halves of the mold together. and use a paring knife to get it out etc. etc. which I didn't do. I had low hopes. I used a butterknife to try to dislodge the chocolate from the mold.

Miracle of miracles! The first chocolate egg half I tried came out almost completely in 1 piece! The second one not so much...haha! :) It was fine because I wanted to make a cracked egg for my scene.

Minty mint green egg goo

I just made a thicker (more powdered sugar) version of the icing I have been using. I added a tiny bit of green to give it a light mint color and I added some mint flavor. It tastes really good!

Putting it together

I placed the chocolate egg halves. Then I put some of my minty mint green egg goo down and then I put the baby dinosaurs in.

It looks like the egg cracked and they are escaping!

It's super fun! And it's delicious too! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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