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Edible Art: Chinese New Year Chocolate Canvas w/ Edible Balloons

I got the idea from British Girl Bakes on YouTube, but I put my own twist on it and actually didn't bake anything, haha. :) The edible balloons made out of candy melts with their 3-D effect was so cool I had to try it. :)

While the balloons were held by a little rat for Chinese New Year, you could use the idea for edible balloons or edible spheres for lots of different themes and designs.

As you can see from the from the first part of the video, she made a cake and then put buttercream frosting on it and then the balloons and rat for Chinese New Year.

Instead of a cake, I made a "canvas" out of white chocolate.

What I used:

- White Chocolate ("canvas")

- Candy melts (balloons)

- Dark Chocolate (rooster)

- Non-Royal Frosting (I made it -- for paint)

- Stay tuned for this post. :)

- Food coloring (to color the paint)

- Cooking spray

Equipment supplies: Silicone molds (for balloons), parchment paper, paint brushes, little squeeze bottle (to draw the rooster).

I made the canvas with white chocolate by "piping" it on a piece of parchment paper I had sprayed with cooking spray.

I made the balloons by melting different colors of candy melts and putting them in the silicone molds that I had sprayed with cooking spray. I made extra balloons in case I broke them when I was taking them out.

I made the red balloon bigger because that is a lucky color in Chinese culture and I wanted to write "Happy New Year!" on it. I'm not sure if you need to spray the silicone molds with cooking spray to work with candy melts in the silicone molds, but I did it anyways.

I added a rooster to the scene because I was born in the "Year of the Rooster" in the Chinese Zodiac. I drew it with melted dark chocolate after making a parchment paper stencil. I used a little squeeze bottle to draw it because it gave me more control. I could have painted it on with the other details that I describe letter, but the dark chocolate added another technique to try out.

I let all the chocolate and candy melts set and harden overnight, but I think they would have been ready in ~1 or 2 hours or so.

After they set & harden I put it all together. I carefully peeled off my canvas, balloons and rooster and set the scene. :)

To add the rat, balloon strings, sky, and "Happy New Year!." I painted them with "Non-Royal Icing" I had made. (Stay tuned for that post!)

You can see the icing really has the consistency of paint. :)

It turned out really well! One thing I wish I could have done like on the British Girl Bakes video is to make the balloons spill over to the top of the cake. I couldn't do this since my chocolate "canvas" was flat.

However, doing the chocolate "canvas" allowed me to focus on the decorating and creative part. This was faster & easier than baking a cake and making frosting etc. It's super fun!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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