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Easy 5-Ingredient Tuscan Rotisserie Chicken Pasta

I was inspired by this Twisted YouTube video to come up with a quick & easy Tuscan-inspired pasta using rotisserie chicken. It only uses 5 ingredients (4 in the thumbnail + pasta). It is creamy and has spinach and sundried tomatoes like the Tuscan-inspired recipe in the video, but uses this relatively healthy Newman's Own Alfredo sauce. It probably all together takes 8-10 min. -- the time it takes to cook pasta. This was inspired by the Crispy Tuscan Chicken Pasta Bake in the video, but without the "crispy" breadcrumbs and baking/broiling it in the oven.

That's one of the things I like about the sped-up cooking videos. You can get inspired and make your own version.


- Rotisserie Chicken (hand-shredded)

- Cooked frozen spinach (or fresh spinach)

- Sundried tomatoes

- Newman's Own Alfredo Sauce

- Pasta (I used Farfalle - bowtie/butterfly pasta)

1.) Boil pasta -- probably takes 8-10 min.

2.) While pasta is boiling, hand-shred your rotisserie chicken and microwave your frozen spinach.

3.) In a bowl, add spinach, some sundried tomatoes, shredded chicken, and some Newman's Own Alfredo sauce and mix together.

-- I probably used 2 tablespoons of Alfredo sauce. for this serving.

-- I didn't put the amounts of the ingredients on purpose because you can add as much of things as you want for your desired ratios.

4.) When pasta is done, combine it all together.

5.) Eat!

Tell me you wouldn't pay $10 or $15 for that in a restaurant. Haha. :)

Give it a try! It's easy. We are good at this!

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