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Easy Turkey Cookie Project

After being inspired by some cute cookie decorating YouTube videos, I came up with an easy art project to make a cute turkey or to make a bird with a wacky hair (?feather) cut. Haha. :) You decide.

This is more about the decorating (the fun part) than the cooking.

This is different than the Fun 3-D Turkey Brookie project I came up with the other day and this one is much easier. Haha. :)


What I used:

- Pillsbury sugar cookie dough

- Candy Eyes

- mini Yellow M&M (beak)

- candy corns (feathers)

- red gel icing (wattles) - on one of the pics

- chocolate frosting - to get the feathers to stick


1.) On one piece of sugar cookie dough, kind of press it down a little to make it a little flatter (~5-7mm thick).

2.) Put 2 eyes and the Yellow M&M near each other to form a face on the lower 1/3 of the cookie dough piece.

** Place the M&M in sideways -- so it is inserted on the thin edge; it looks more like a beak this way.

3.) Bake at 350 degrees for ~12 min. or according to package directions.

4.) While the cookies are baking, gather your candy corns and arrange them as feathers as you would like.

-- This is a good project for the broken candy corns because the broken candy corns make it look like multiple rows of feathers anyways.

5.) Once the cookies have finished baking, take them out and allow them to cool.

6.) Once they are cool, spread some chocolate frosting on the top half of the cookie and place your candy corns on the cookie for the feathers.

7.) Add some red icing/frosting for turkey wattle near the beak.

-- I did this, but it looked kind of like blood rather than a turkey wattle. Haha. :) This photo is below the Trial & Error (aka Fail!) section.

More photos after the trial and error section. :)

Trial & Error (aka Fail!):

- Do not put the candy corns in before you bake the cookies, they will melt and will become an abstract artistic mess. Haha. :) It's pretty badass looking though.

Candy corns are pure sugar apparently and when they melted and hardened up, it was like when I melted the Jolly Ranchers for the galaxy lollipop attempts. Still working on that! :)



Final steps and finished products:

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