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Easy Stencils for Unique Pie Crusts from Photos

While I used this technique to make the Benjamin Franklin pie crust from a cartoon I found on Google from toppng.com, you could use it to make a unique customized pie crust from any photo!

It works best for photos or cartoons with a recognizable silhouette -- like Benjamin Franklin holding a kite. It's pretty easy.


Equipment / Supplies: Pencil, Parchment paper, Knife, Image you like (on iPad/tablet, computer screen or paper)


1.) Find the photo/cartoon you like.

-- You can print it on paper or just use the image on the screen (on your iPad screen, computer monitor, etc.)

-- You may have to make the image smaller or bigger depending on the size of your pie.

2.) Put the parchment paper over the image (on your iPad screen, computer monitor, or paper etc.)

3.) Using a pencil (or pen if you think you won't make a mistake :) ) on parchment paper, trace over the outline of the image.

-- The parchment paper is pretty transparent.

4.) Put the parchment paper on top of the pie crust (w/ pencil side up); use a knife to trace around your outline on top of the paper.

-- This will lead to some indentations on the pie crust (center photo)

5.) Take the parchment paper off and use the knife to go over & carve out your outline (right photo).

6.) Take away the excess dough.

7.) Place your customized pie crust on the pie.

Note: I couldn't carve out the little bows or the strings for the kite. I just shaped them separately.

8.) Bake the pie & eat!

Note: If you use a very small amount of pie crust on the top in your design, it may cook a lot faster than the rest of the pie.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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