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Easy Pink Lemonade Frosting / Pink Day (June 23)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Here is an easy recipe for Pink Lemonade Frosting that I came up with inspired by Pink Day. You can use it on anything; I put it on some sugar cookies. It was a sweet and tart treat! :)



Each year on June 23rd, National Pink Day colors the world in vibrant shades of pink and explores everything it represents. 


This is different than Pink Day in February on February 26 which is anti-Bullying Day. This should probably be celebrated more than once a year anyways.

"Bullying is a growing problem in the world today, and every year we hear more and more incidents coming up of bullying in schools everywhere. Bullying doesn’t stop in school, though, it extends out into the world outside of school and even into the virtual world of the internet.

Bullying doesn’t tend to follow any kind of rhyme or reason, it’s merely the exertion of power over those who are weaker or stand out as unusual. Pink Day is a day dedicated to beating the bullies and breaking the cycle that creates and perpetuates this damaging behavior in schools."

History of Pink Day

"Pink Day was established in 2007 after a pair of students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, saw one of their fellow students at Central Kings Rural High School being bullied for no other reason than that they were wearing a pink shirt.

In a stroke of brilliance, these two got together and decided to show support for the student and take a stand against bullying by getting everyone at their school to wear a pink shirt the next day. Pink Day was created to stomp out all bullying and spread understanding, and it’s a concept spreading throughout the world."



What I used:

- Vanilla Frosting

- Pink Lemonade powder

- Pink Food Coloring

- Pre-made sugar cookies

I just mixed some pink lemonade powder with the frosting. Just using the lemonade powder doesn't make the frosting pink -- you have to add food coloring to make it pink.

I used 1 packet of powder (which is 1 teaspoon) for about 1 tablespoon of frosting. You can add more or less lemonade powder to your taste.

The cookies were still warm when I added the frosting, so it melted a little bit. :) I added some sprinkles.

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this! :)

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