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Easy NYE! 2020! Chocolate Decorations for Cheesecake or other Dessert

This post is about easy and fun NYE or 2020! chocolate decorations for a cheesecake or other dessert. It's really easy and only takes a few things: chocolate, Ziploc bag, parchment paper and cooking spray.

The ideas for NYE -- are a 2020! or a clock on a round cheesecake (or other dessert). I sprayed edible silver glitter onto the 2020! to make it a little more fancy.

The nice thing about making your cake / dessert decorations in chocolate separate from the dessert is that you can mess up and try again & it doesn't mess up your dessert. See below; it took me a couple tries to get some numbers I was happy with. :)

The basic steps as written below and similar to what I wrote in my Chocolate Christmas trees post.


I actually forgot to do the cooking spray this time. It made it harder to get the chocolate off of the parchment paper, but it was possible.

The basic steps are:

1.) Put parchment paper down and spray with cooking spray.

2.) Melt chocolate or candy melts in a plastic bag or bowl.

- If you melt the chocolate/candy melts in a bowl, put it in a plastic bag or piping bag.

3.) Cut a tiny hole in 1 corner of the plastic bag to use it as a piping bag.

4.) Pipe the numbers or shapes on the parchment paper.

5.) Put in the fridge to set.

6.) Place your numbers or shapes on your dessert.

-- Tip: If you notice that it is hard to slide your numbers/shapes off of the parchment or they are melting a little bit, put it back in the fridge for a minute or 2 and let them harden up again.

7.) Display your art or eat!

Photos & further information below.

Give it a try! We are good at this!


Left: I made no-bake cheesecake (just 1/4 box for 4" inch cheesecake). I usually use chocolate melting wafers, but I decided to try these little chocolate squares.

Right: I broke them apart in the bag and melted it on defrost (at 30-second or 15-second intervals). It worked well.

Left: To give me an idea of the size of the numbers to pipe so they fit on the cake, I used a pencil & traced this ramekin onto the parchment paper because it was about the same size as the 4" springboard pan. I forgot to trace the springboard pan before I put the cheesecake in it. :)

Right: Here are all the different attempts I did to pipe the numbers and shapes. :)

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