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Easy Hoisin Chicken with Bleu Cheese & Onions

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

This is a recipe that I came up with because I had a bottle of hoisin sauce in my fridge and decided to experiment with it. :)

Hoisin Sauce is used in Asian cooking.

It is a sweet sauce, sort of like BBQ sauce, but more of a salty flavor & more umami flavor. It is used in Asian dishes "as a glaze for meat, an addition to stir fries, or asdipping sauce."


If you're interested in making your own hoisin sauce, here's a link:


What I used:

- Baked chicken breast (this is about ~4 oz.)

- Bleu cheese (1 or 2 tablespoons - I like bleu cheese)

- Hoisin sauce (~2 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon)

- Onions that were sauted (~1/4 cup); you could substitute some onion powder if you don't have onions.

- Salt & pepper to taste.

Batch / Meal Prep to save time:

I already had some plain chicken breasts cooked and had sauteed a batch of chopped onions. This is something I like to do to save time. I cook plain chicken breasts (there is some pepper or a lot of pepper, Oops on this one. Haha!) and then use them in different recipes or dishes. I do the same for onions. I cook a big batch and then use the sauteed onions . It is true you get more flavor from onions when you cook them for a specific recipe, but sauteeing and caramelizing onions can take awhile.

Here is a link for how to caramelize onions in the oven:


What I did:

The chicken breast was cold from the fridge. I put it in a dish and microwaved it for one minute to make sure the chicken was warm.

Next, I put the onions in the dish.

Then, I just put some bleu cheese and the hoisin sauce over the chicken breast and microwaved it for ~1 min. until the cheese was melt-y, but not burnt. :)

If I microwaved it all together for 2 min. or 3 min., the cheese would have been burnt.

That's it! I liked the sweetness of the Hoisin sauce with the funkiness of the bleu cheese. The onions gave good flavor too. This was a twist and a way to use Hoisin outside of traditional Asian dishes.

Give it a try! We are good at this!


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