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Easy Creamy & Crispy Pesto Potatoes

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I posted this quick & easy recipe now b/c you may have these things in your fridge and you can try it out for a new twist while we are at home. :) It's a somewhat unexpected flavor combo that was inspired by Jeff Mauro from the Food Network, but the recipe may have been more influenced from what was in my fridge. Haha. :)

I hadn't thought of using pesto with potatoes; typically I use it on pasta or sandwiches.

This preparation has about ~215 calories and is pretty filling.

In other potato news, I have also just started experimenting with freezing potatoes and will write about that soon. :)

Here is the original recipe:




- 1 Russet potato (you can use any potato for this recipe)

- Vinegar (1 tablespoon)

- Sour cream (1 tablespoon or more if you want it to be creamier)

-- You can substitute mayo or cream cheese if you have that.

- Cibo Pesto (1 teaspoon or more to your liking; obviously you can use homemade too. Hard to find fresh basil these days)

- Salt & pepper to taste

- Oil (for crisping up potatoes)

Note: In this recipe, I sauted little potato pieces to get some crispiness on them, but you could also use these ingredients just on a baked / microwaved potato.

Multiply the recipe if you have more potatoes. :)



1.) Microwave potato for ~5 minutes or until fork tender.

2.) Cut into chunks.

3.) Put a pan with oil on medium/medium-high.

4.) Saute the potato chunks until the outsides are crispy brown; flip after a few minutes.

5.) Put it in a bowl and add vinegar (sprinkling over all the potatoes), sour cream, pesto and salt & pepper.

6.) Mix together.

I just put it in the grey bowl to be pretty for the photo, but you can just use the bowl that you are going to eat out of -- to save on cleaning. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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