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Easy and Fancy-Looking Pesto Tart (Wreath or 2020! or Anything)

This pesto wreath from a Tastemade YouTube video (below) looked so cute & festive. While it was a holiday-themed video, this is an example of how you can take a recipe / flavor combination from a YouTube video and let it inspire you to make something for a different holiday or everyday life. I made the same tart in a 2020! shape for NYE, but of course, you could make this easy and fancy-looking pesto tart in a circle or rectangle or any shape on any other day.

This is also one of things I mentioned in my "A TTTFN Christmas" post.


It was really easy and looks fancy. It's another pretty cheap recipe, so you can ball on a budget. Haha. :) In addition to being an example of how you can just get inspired by flavor combinations / recipes from YouTube videos, this was also an example of how you can make a mini-version of something in the video. They made a big tart for several people. I just made a version with only ~1/8 of a piece of pie crust (or ~100 calories for the pie crust part).

What I used:

- Pillsbury pie crust (cut into wreath or 2020! or any shape)

- Cibo Pesto

- String Cheese (mozzarella)

- Cherry tomatoes (a few from the salad bar) or sundried tomatoes

-- Or you could leave out the tomatoes

- Arugula (a little from the salad bar)

-- Or you could leave out the arugula



1.) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2.) Cut pie crust to desired shape.

-- Tip: For cutting round shapes like the wreath or zeroes in 2020! that I figured out when making 2020! shape. I was working on my stove as a work space as you can see. You can put your knife down and spin the plate around (keeping the knife still) to form the shape.

3.) Spread on a little pesto.

4.) Add some cheese and tomatoes (optional).

5.) Bake in the 400 degree oven for ~10-12 min. for these size tarts. If you make a bigger tart, it may need to bake longer; bake until golden brown.

6.) If you are adding arugula (optional), add it on top after you bake the tart.

7.) Eat!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

2020! Tart and Tastemade YouTube video below this row of pics.

2020! Tart

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