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Easy 7-minute Cheeseburger on the Stove - Like a Diner

It's quick and easy (~7 minutes) to make a great cheeseburger on the stove. It's also cheap; the same or cheaper than fast food. I use some tricks I learned watching Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives from the diners and restaurants they show and some tricks of my own. I like that he features mom and pop places. I'm not a food snob though; I like chain restaurants and fast food too. :)

I bought this pre-shaped hamburger patty from the butcher. It is about 7 oz. and cost $2.67. Fresh meat from the butcher is cheaper than you think. :) I only used half for my burger ($1.33.) I got some bleu cheese from the salad bar, also cheap, maybe $0.10. I got a 6-pack of Brioche buns for $4.99; 1 bun costs $0.83. In total, even counting the side of roasted potatoes I made, this whole meal cost me: $3.25.

The 7-minute time estimate does not include the roasted potatoes, which take longer.


First, I toasted the bun on the stove. This is a brioche bun, pretty tasty and cheap. Brioche is a soft bread and will burn easily. It only takes 10-15 seconds to toast. I put the pan on medium. I add little chunks of cold butter to the bread and then put the bread in the pan (~10-15 seconds) or until desired color. I find putting little chunks of cold butter helps get the best brown color. When I've tried putting melted butter on it, it cooks too fast and burns quickly.

I decided to only eat 3/4 of a bun for less calories.

To cook the burger:

I only wanted 1/2 of the patty. I molded 1/2 of the patty into shape. Since it is already pre-molded; it takes a second and it's not too messy. Then, I added a little salt and pepper.

I put a little oil in and turned the pan up to medium-high to high to get a good sear. This is a thinner patty, so it will cook to medium in 2-3 minutes on each side. You also don't have to worry about finishing it off in the oven because it is thinner.

I seared the first side and flipped the burger.

I added a little salt & pepper to the 2nd side, added the cheese to the burger and covered it with a pot lid. This helps keep the heat in and melts the cheese while the the 2nd side is cooking. This is the trick I learned from diners and restaurants on TV.

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

Yum! I ate it with bacon jam I made and roasted potatoes. (See photo below.)

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