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Easy 4-ingredient Onion Dip Wontons

Here is a fun easy variation on crab rangoon w/ onion dip instead of cream cheese+crab filling. It only takes 4 ingredients (plus salt+pepper)! In this recipe you use caramelized or sauted onions, but to make it quicker you could also use onion dip that comes in a jar from the store. You can also use onion powder instead or your own recipe for onion dip. :)

The pre-cut onions I buy are cheap and come in a 3-lb(!) bag. I usually just cook a bunch of onions and use them in different recipes over the next few days.

To make easy "caramelized onions" in the oven, check out my post:


Ingredients (for 8 wontons):

- 1/4 cup of onions (sauteed or caramelized) or onion powder

- 2 tablespoons of Daisy sour cream

- 2 tablespoons of Philadelphia cream cheese

- salt & pepper

- 8 dumpling wrappers or 2 egg roll wrappers (which I cut into 4 pieces each).

** This was enough filling for 8 wontons. I cooked 4 and put 4 in the freezer for later.

1.) Put the onions, Daisy sour cream, Philadelphia cream cheese in a bowl; add some salt & pepper.

2.) Microwave for 30 sec. to soften the cream cheese; mix everything together.

3.) Place a small amount of filling in the middle of your wrapper.

-- You don't want to overfill the dumpling or it will bust open while cooking.

4.) Fold it closed as in the picture or however you like.

-- Don't worry too much about how you seal it up; it all tastes good. :)

5.) Fry or Air Fry.

-- These were fried in oil.

6.) Eat!

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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