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Earth Cake for Earth's Rotation Day (Jan. 8)!

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

I made this Earth Cake for Earth's Rotation Day. It was inspired by YouTubers Rosanna Pansino & Matt Adlard/Topless Baker. I thought Rosanna's inner layers of the earth were cool. I didn't even know about the Topless Baker. I had seen Matt Adlard as a judge on the Food Network and I think he was Insta-famous before the Food Network. In fact, he is on the Food Network right now as I write this. You never know where social media will take you. :)

They made their cakes for Earth Day; Earth's Rotation Day is the lesser known holiday that is focused on Earth. Haha. :) So you could make this cake for Earth Day, Earth's Rotation Day, other planetary gatherings or just for fun on any day. It looked fun because it requires some construction and architecture.

What is Earth's Rotation Day?

"The day commemorates when French Physicist, Leon Foucault, demonstrated the Earth rotates on its axis in 1851."


Attempt #1:

There are 3 layers to the earth: inner core, outer core & mantle. You need a small sphere on the inside and then 2 bigger empty spheres for the outer core & mantle.

I used my hemisphere silicone molds of different sizes to try to form the sphere and 2 empty spheres: white, yellow, then red. I only have 2 sizes of hemisphere molds -- small ~1" and bigger ~2 1/2" which figured into how I had to sculpt things later.


What I used:

- white cake mix

- white frosting

- yellow & red food coloring for outer core (yellow) & mantle (red)

- green food coloring for marshmallow fondant (continents)

- blue food coloring (for oceans

I used a white cake mix and then colored it yellow & red for some of the hemispheres/spheres. I colored frosting blue for the oceans & I made green marshmallow fondant for the continents. I was trying to make one Earth, but I made extras of all of the components: inner core, outer core, and mantle.

For info on super easy marshmallow fondant (3-ingredients & 2-min.: marshmallows, powdered sugar & a tiny bit of water), see my post: "Can I Make Marshmallow Fondant?"


Inner core - little hemisphere/sphere

I baked it in my smaller hemisphere mold. When it came out of the oven, it puffed up a little bit, which was expected. I cut off the top to make it flat and I connected 2 hemispheres with frosting. I put it in the fridge to set a little bit while I worked on the other hemispheres/spheres.

Outer Core (Yellow) & Mantle (Red)

I colored the batters yellow & red and baked them in my bigger hemisphere molds.

The outer core/yellow cake was the middle-sized sphere. I carved out a smaller sphere from the mold (so that the mantle/red sphere would fit around it) and also carved a little divot in the middle, so the smallest sphere (inner core/white cake) would fit in it.

The first mantle/red sphere fell apart (left photo); that's why I made extra. I sculpted another red half I had and had all the components (right photo).

I put frosting on the inner halves and put them together. Then I put it in the freezer to set while I made the green marshmallow fondant and blue frosting.

I used a hemisphere I had as a guide for the size of the continents I was trying to sculpt from green marshmallow fondant, but the one I made was too big. Haha. :) So I just kind of free-hand made continents and pieced it together. I put blue frosting/ocean on the Earth.

Some photos of earth before rotation.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! I put it on a stick and did an Earth's Rotation video. Haha. :) I also did a video & chopped it in half to reveal the inner layers of the Earth. Haha. :) See below.

Note: I put the stick perpendicular to where the 2 halves came together, so the cake would stay together. I wouldn't have been able to put the stick in the seam; it would have fallen apart.

It was fun to make! As I wrote above, you could make this cake for Earth Day, Earth's Rotation Day, other planetary gatherings or just for fun on any day. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this.

Little Earth Cake for Earth's Rotation Day

-- See video of the earth rotating below and on YouTube. :)


Inner layers of the earth (inner core, outer core, mantle)

-- See video where I chopped it in half to reveal the inner layers below. Haha. :)

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