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EAFTI: Milk Gelatin & Candy "Soap" Inspired by Real Soap

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I haven't yet tried to make soap, but when I was watching this Buzzfeed Nifty video on YouTube I thought they were really pretty. Then I thought I could try to make it with some of the things I had playing around with: milk gelatin and hard candy. :)

So I decided to make some edible art from the edible (EAFTI).

I decided to post about it for DIY day since the soap is a little DIY / arts & crafts -- you can just buy soap. :) And my project is similar -- just with milk gelatin & hard candy.

History of DIY Day

I like the idea behind DIY day, which is pretty new.

"DIY Day was created just recently by the Craft Box Girls team, and 2016 is the first year we’re celebrating it. Craft Box Girls’ mission is to celebrate makers and inspire regular people like you and me to create things on their own."


What I used:

- Milk

- Gelatin powder

- Hard candy

- Silicone molds

- Cooking spray

In the video, they use the same type of silicone molds to make the soap as I used. See, I told you it was pretty similar. :)

I bloomed some gelatin with some milk to make the background white soap. This just means I put some gelatin powder in some milk and let it sit for 5 min. at room temp. Then I microwaved it for 30 sec. to let it dissolve.

In the meantime, I crushed some hard candies to be the little terrazo colored parts. I put them in different molds which I had sprayed with cooking spray.

Then I poured some milk gelatin into the different molds and let it set.

Ta da! Milk gelatin and hard candy "soap"! It is completely edible, but may taste a little better with some sugar added to the milk gelatin. It is actually similar to some Asian gelatin desserts.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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