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Dried Apricot & Blue Cheese & Walnut [Pecan] Canape / Apricot Day

This looked like a beautiful appetizer from tidymom.net on Pinterest! And it also look like an interesting mix of flavors and textures, so I decided to try it inspired by #ApricotDay!



Jan. 9 is Apricot Day


What I used:

- Dried Apricots

- Roth Blue Cheese

- Emerald Glazed Pecans

I couldn't find walnuts in the grocery store; I didn't look that hard. Haha! :) The pecans looked tasty and I thought they would be a good substitute based on texture.

It's so easy! You just layer the blue cheese and nuts on top. I wouldn't have thought to put them together myself. Yum!

They are really tasty! You get some sweetness from dried apricots, funk from blue cheese and then the crunch and nuttiness. It takes 2 seconds to make!

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