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Dreamy Desserts for "Festival of Sleep Day"!

This dreamy arrangement of desserts was inspired by "Festival of Sleep Day"! It is an arrangement of cookies with some meringue clouds on a sleepy pastel background. It's relaxing enough to make you fall asleep!

Jan. 3 is the Festival of Sleep Day


Last Year I made, Sleep Emoji Cupcakes!


What I used:

- Paper

- Paint

- Plexiglass

- Sugar Cookies covered insprinkles

- Kaleidos (Unicorn pastel sandwich cookies / "Oreos")

- Meringues shaped into clouds

I painted the background or you could print one out. Then I put the clear plexiglass on top.

I made the easy sugar cookies I had made before and covered them with Pillsbury frosting and silver sprinkles to go with the background. Then I added some Kaleidos, which are pastel and look nice -- taste good too!

I also added some meringues I made as in this link where I first made them for 12 Days of Christmas -- 7 Swans a Swimming! :) I actually did the the steps in the wrong order. I added the cream of tartar before mixing the egg whites at all. You're supposed to get the egg whites frothy before adding the cream of tartar. I was not able to get them to stiff peaks while added the sugar, but. they still look like clouds. :)


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